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The Superb berry :Açai, Natural source of nutrients

Tropicalia Açai Products

The unique Superfood

Part of the natural diet of the Amazonian indigenous people for centuries, Açaí (ah-sa-ee) is a nutrient-dense berry high in polyphenols antioxidants, omega fatty acids, proteins, and fibers. Açaí berry is exemplary in supplying our bodies with the much-needed energy to get through our busy and active lives.

Beyond a powerful superfruit, Açaí represents a culture of preserving good health by being mindful of consumption habits and your body's nourishment.


Tropicalia is a Dutch company founded by Brazilian friends who want to bring the Amazon Açaí from Brazil, based on the values of sharing the best product and service quality to our customers. We bring a new CONCEPT in Açaí which is quick and uncomplicated – AÇAÍ SOBERT This is a pre-blended mix that is ready to serve. Tropicalia Açaí makes bowls and smoothies faster and easier to prepare than ever.


All the ingredients are natural, organic with no addition of additives or conservatives. If you still prefer to blend – no problem! Your options are only limited by your imagination. How does this help? Sachets are messy, wasteful, and time-consuming to prepare for serving. Being able to scoop your Açaí direct from the package means more time available for presentation and customization of toppings - resulting in greater customer satisfaction and quicker service all around. Best of all, it has a year-long shelf life, which makes it an extremely practical offering

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Harvested in the wild

Unlike most of the foods consumed, our Açaí is not farmed nor cultivated. Tropicalia Açaí comes from açai trees, or Juçara as called by natives, which grows naturally within the amazon rainforest, without the addition of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or even sprinkler systems.


Nature is wonderful to offer us such gifts that rise high up over the rainforest. Each Açaí berry is unique in color, flavor, body, and soul.

Tropicalia Amsterdam: Acai Wholesaler for Businesses

Tropicalia is a Dutch company with ambition to offer the best Amazon Açaí from Brazil.

We are here to bring the best quality açaí from the Amazon Rainforest to your establishment.  

Our Açaí solutions are perfect for making smoothies and bowls faster and easier to prepare than ever. Ranging from sorbet, puree and powder all the ingredients are natural, organic with no additives or conservatives.

Why choose Tropicalia Amsterdam for your business?

Fast Delivery to Whole European Union

100% Organic Certified Brazilian Acai

Best Support Experience

100% Vegan


Our team strives to best serve and commit to restaurants and retailers' needs. We are looking forward to hearing how we can build a partnership. Get in touch to explore collaborations and get samples of our products.

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